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The world is facing a challenge / challenges of hazardous health situation. The growing epidemics like Ebola recently and Swine flue, Bird flue, Chicken Guinea, HIV, Hepatitis and many other Viral Epidemics, infectious diseases are the biggest threats fore live beings, including all animals.
These are many prestigious time tested proven traditions of medicines scattered all over the world. Unfortunately, they are not coming together in full fledge manner.
The traditional European medicine, Unani Medicine, Chineas medicine, Korean medicine, Tibetian medicine all are serving to the live beings since thousands of years.
Today the modern medicine i.e. Allopathy has its own limitations. The whole world is always in need of safe and effective medicinal treatment, but the existing so called scientific system, which try to invent the new molecule. Day by day they are lagging behind.
Now after spending lot of money and time to establish a new molecule, after few years experiencing its limitations to fight with the decease, as well as the side effects.
The pharma giants all over the world are looking for the alternative from the herbal phyto chemicals. They are not accepting openly the usefulness of the herbs, rather using these herbs in hidden and modified form.
The flora and fona, the minerals, the metals from the organic sources have the huge potential of new molecules. The pharmacopeia of Indian medicine itself is the proof from thousands of years.
With whole heartedly we appeal to you from our side, that let us take this challenge to WIN over the situation and make the world disease free society.

Later Event: February 10