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VABAS Training class with Guillermo Luis Horta Betancourt

During 35 years of selfexperience andpractical research work Guillermo developed VABAS, a physical-mental Method which clarifys the connections between voice, awareness and body by developing the power of breath. It will help you to develop confidence, freedom and an expressive capacity in your voice, body and conscious communication.

This 3 hours training costs 60€ , max. 10 People and is about:

please make a reservation:

- the perception and sense of space in relation to the body, its calligraphy or gestural signs, and the voice as body resonant.

- observation of the act of walking, feet, hips and stretching,

- unblocking of the cartilages for a greater vocal flexibility.

GUILLERMO LUIS HORTA is a professional dancer and singer with a long journey and deep interest for the body and the voice. He is without a doubt a Master of Improvisation, teaching and performing in Kuba, India, Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, Spain, Polen, Austria.