Mike Cavalli is a spiritual medium from London, living in Vienna since many years.

He offers for us in NUU his SPIRITUAL IMBISS, which includes the following ingredients:

Spiritual healing - Spirit communication - Psychic reading - Evenings of Clairvoyance - Private readings

For questions or bookings please feel free to contact Mike Cavalli: 0664 795 8300 mikecavalli@hotmail.com

Spiritual healing: Get and/or recieve healing

every Tuesday

18.00 - entrance and coming together

18.30 meditation and reflexion

19.15 - 20.00 Healings for those who want to recieve or learn.

15 min break with snacks and drinks

20.15 - 21.00 Healings for those who want to recieve or learn.

21.00h - close down

Donation 15€

Reservation: mikecavalli@hotmail.com

These evenings are designed to give you the tools and understanding on how Spiritual healing takes place by using the universal free energy flowing through your hands. Although it is often referred to as hands on healing - we in fact never touch the body except the shoulders at the beginning of the healing.

Spiritual healing addresses the physical, emotional & mental using this gentle universal energy channelled through your hands to bring harmony back and reinforce a person’s whole body-heart-mind health, consequently the healing focus’s on restoring harmony, creating the conditions for the body to heal itself. Spiritual healing works exceptionally well with animals who offer no resistance to the process.

Within the short time that we are together you will be able to feel where the energy is blocked and where it is free flowing - and you will be guided to channel the healing energy accordingly.

The tried and tested techniques you will be shown offer a foundation for you to work with until you are confident to find your own path.

Spirit communication workshops:

from 10-17h, max 12 people, UK 70€

Cost are including the book “ Proof of survival”. An evidential guide to mediumship

Reservation: mikecavalli@hotmail.com

In this workshops we will go through many exercises to awaken all your "clairs" to enable the communication with the higher realms. We will also look at:

1. How to deal with those moments when someone cannot understand the message or who it is from in Spirit.
2. Some structure to a reading
3. How to close a reading and introduce a new link form spirit
4. Learning the difference between your thoughts and those of Spirit.

We work in truth and light in a loving and safe environment. Beginners and those who wish to brush up their skills or perhaps learn the traditional path to mediumship are all welcome.


How to prepare and get the best out of your reading

I would like firstly thank you for the opportunity of working with you and the following information will best help you understand what happens in a reading and how best prepare yourself so that you come away with a fulfilling, pleasant and uplifting experience.

It will be most beneficial before coming to the reading to be peaceful in heart and mind. If coming from work, the day can prove quite stressful and therefor our mindset can be quite clouded and our attention span be short. It is my experience that those who are at peace with themselves get the most benefit from the reading.

So I suggest a short meditation or simply sit in peace and quite with your eyes closed and focus your attention on some deep breathing. I will happy to do a short meditation with you before the reading if you feel you would benefit from this.

Often people come for a reading to hear from a loved one and whilst there is no guarantee, the people that they would like to hear from usually do step forward. Many people from the Spirit world will take the opportunity to “announce” themselves to you and so if someone from the higher realms steps forward and it is not the person you want it to be, thats ok, just focus on who we have with us for now as by recognising the loved one, friend or family member on the other side, often brings through the person you would like to hear from.

You might find it beneficial also to “recollect” before the reading those birthday and anniversary dates from loved ones friends and family from those still on the earth plane and naturally from those who have gone before us as quite often this information is also given. Spirit often give names and sometimes I may be given a name. The name may not be his or her name but will be a name that is linked to them.

Pets also come to say hello during the reading, these are either your pet or the pert of the person who we would be currently connected with.

One final point, often it is not only friends and family that come to say hello but also associates and colleagues from work, it is not uncommon to have old school teachers and alike to come through also.

You will always receive messages from the other side that can help you with your earthly problems. There is also opportunity to ask questions. The reading is a three way communication process between you, me and the guide or person in Spirit. Please be as open hearted has much as you can, this allows the link with the Spirit world to be stronger and therefore more clarity with the information. All information is strictly confidential, and from my part goes no further than between you, me and the Spirit world. Fortunately I remember very little of the readings if any at all.

So I look forward to the reading with you and will be able to answer any questions you may have before the reading.

Feel free to contact me: 0664 795 8300 or send me an email: mikecavalli@hotmail.com

Love and light



more Infos soon


more Infos soon